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AudD is music recognition API

We recognize music:

By Sound

Recognize music in microphone records, audio files and audio streams.

By Humming

Recognize the music that your users sing or hum.

By Lyrics

Search music and lyrics in DB that contains 4 million songs with the words.

examples of usage


Use our Music Recognition API to detect music and identify songs from user-generated content in your apps. Create upload filters when the law requires. Use the metadata AudD Music Recognition API returns in your recommendation systems.
Music recognition API costs from $2 to $4.2 per 1000 requests.

Audio streams

Recognize the music that plays on radio stations with AudD real-time music recognition service for audio streams. Use the AudD Music DB, or upload your own songs DB.
Audio streams recognition with API costs $45 with our music DB and $25 with a company-owned DB.

Offline background music

Calculate stats of offline music plays. Send files or audio streams from multiple devices in the real world into our Music Recognition API.

In-app music recognition and lyrics searching

Detect and recognize music in your apps using AudD Music Recognition API. Identify songs for your users and display the lyrics of the recognized songs. Or just search lyrics by text.

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