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AudD provides music recognition API

We recognize music by:


AudD recognizes music in microphone records and in audio files.

It costs from $2 to $3.7 per 1000 requests


Also AudD recognizes music that your users sing or hum


Search by excerpt from the lyrics in DB with 4 million songs

examples of using

Actually, we are a b2b-company. Who uses AudD Music Recognition API?


Some have a lot of user-generated content in their apps and use AudD to detect if there is a music and to identify song.

Lyrics searching and displaying

Some help their users with lyrics searching using AudD.

Statistics of listening to music

Some use AudD to calculate the statistics of offline music plays.

In-app music recognition

Some use AudD to recognize music in their own applications to identify what song is playing.

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